Feature Trees, Hedges & Standards

If you're a Do-It-Yourself gardener and need to buy trees and standards in bulk for hedging, screening etc, then we can special order them in for you at a fantastic price.

The higher the quantity, the lower the price per plant, so the more you buy, the more you save!

You can either fill in the Inquiry Form below, text, call or send us an email. We will be able to provide a quote for you and have them ready to pick-up from our Nursery within 48 hours of ordering, subject to availability. 

We can also deliver straight to your door! 

Delivery can be arranged direct from the grower so let us know your location and we'll include delivery charges in your quote.

Here are just some of the amazing trees we can get for you, however, we may be able to get other varieties! Just let us know the botanical name and/or cultivar of the tree you're looking for and we'll provide a quote.

  • Pyrus 'Capital' Ornamental Pear
    20cm pot approx. $29.95 each (min. 5)
  • Magnolia Teddy Bear
    30cm pot approx. $123.60 each (min. 5)
  • Crepe Myrtle 'Tuscurora'
    20cm pot approx. $26.81 each (min. 5)
  • Acmena Lilly Pilly 'Cherry Surprise'
    20cm pots approx. $22.13 each (min. 5)
  • Syzygium Lilly Pilly 'Backyard Bliss'
    20cm pot approx. $24.95 each (min. 5)
  • Pittosporum 'Wonder Screen'
    20cm pot approx. $21.90 each (min. 5)
  • Syzygium Weeping Lilly Pilly 'Cascade Pink'
    20cm pots approx. $25.20 each (min. 5)
  • Ficus hillii 'Ficus Flash'
    ​30cm pot approx. $53.45 each (min. 5)
  • Ficus 'Emerald Green' STD
    30cm pot approx. $100 each (min. 5)

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Terms & Conditions

Prices are approximate only and subject to change as we source the plants from different growers who charge different prices. Prices can also change depending on availability. Please fill in the inquiry form for a quote.

Quotes are valid for 24 hours only as prices can change on a daily basis. However, these prices will not be confirmed until order is placed. Occasionally, plants will be sold out by the time an order is placed, or prices have been changed by grower. We will confirm with you if the prices have increased before continuing with order. If you need more time to decide, not a problem. We’ll just need to confirm the plants are still available at the price originally quoted.

We  may be able to get other varieties of plants, shrubs and trees. Just let us know the botanical name and/or cultivar and we'll do our best to get them for you.

All plants  are sold by pot size, not height as heights can vary. We cannot guarantee that the plants you receive will be of a specific height. The only exception are some Standards, which are sold by pot size and height.

We will special order a minimum of 5 plants only of any variety. For example, you can order one feature tree and four hedging plants.

Please choose carefully as these plants are special ordered and cannot be refunded. The plants are always sourced from reputable growers.

Full payment is required at time of ordering. We accept Credit Card and PayPal.

Pick up from our Nursery is possible only for smaller plants and/or quantities. We will hold the plants for maximum 3 days only. After 3 days, holding charges may apply.

If you are unable to pick up the plants from our Nursery, or for larger plants and/or quantities, we will arrange delivery straight from our supplier to most locations in Australia, except Northern Territory,Western Australia and Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions. We will include the delivery charges in our quote once your location is known.